Itemized list of details for installation of our Dry Cleaning Machines includes the following:


01-Water supply in/out:

            (A) All copper water lines with separate shut-off valves

           (B) Temperature gauges on in/out water lines

           (C) Water pressure gauge installed on water ‘in’ supply line

           (D) Water bypass line with adjustment valve to achieve proper pressure setting

           (E) Flash holes for pipe through roof and seal

02-Machine placed with anchor bolts to hold down

03-Machine grouted to floor to reduce vibration

04-Electrical supply to dc unit 220V 3 phase connection-with shut-off switch and 

     emergency shut-off switch equipped on machine for extra safety 

05-Electrical supply to water tower fan 110V 20A with independent shut-off switch

06-Electrical supply to water pump 220V single phase with independent shut-off switch

07-Steam supply in/out:

            (A) Still supply-40-50psi with ½” steam regulator and gauge/shut-off valve

            (B) Auxiliary steam coil supply- (for drying) with ½” steam regulator and  

                  gauge/shut-off valve   

            (C) Both steam return lines with ½” Armstrong steam traps and brass check    


            (D) All copper steam lines will be insulated

08-Air supply is generally installed with ½” copper and shut-off valve-1/4” nylon hose        

     may be used instead- machine is equipped with air regulator/filter/moisture drain and              automatic valve lubricator

09-Machine transport to store

10-Machine moved into place

11-Removal and reinstallation of any rails necessary to place machine

12-Removal and replacement of any glass and/or framework in store front necessary to   

     place machine

13-Removal and replacement of valance in call office if necessary to place machine

14-Removal and replacement of call office counters if necessary to place machine

15-Water Tower lifted to roof

16-Hook-up still sludge pump waste system with double reinforced hose and clamps

17-Stub out solvent outlet line from pressure side of pump with shut-off valve and plug

18-Solvent inlet valve included on machine with shut-off valve and plug-for easy loading   

     of solvent to machine from drum or container

19-Cartridge filters as needed on start-up are included

20-Extra foam filter with frame for lint wash down system

21-Soap pump hook-up and calibration with programming

22-Lifetime computer programming

23-Nitrogen safety tank- required by most Fire Marshall and/or districts

24-3 day training course with two week follow-up

25-Removal of old machine

26-Removal of filter cartridges from old machine before transport- client is        

     responsible for proper disposal of filter cartridges

27-Drain all solvent into drums from old machine for reuse or proper disposal by client