Instructions on how to clean separator #1 on an FMB Group dry cleaning machines...

How to clean Separator #1:


  1. Press button open/lock off


 2.  Press button #20 (still heat) off


 3.  Press Man./Pause button on


 4.  Make sure the still is empty


 5.  Press buttons #50 (outlet of separator #1), #25 (inlet of still), and #28 (pump) on for 25             seconds


 6.  Press buttons #28, #25, #50, and Man./Pause off


 7.  Manually drain out water level on bottom of separator #1 by opening the yellow handle             ball valve located on the bottom left of separator #1 and drain into a bucket. Close                   valve before you drain the remaining solvent on the top layer in the separator.


 8.  Dispose of waste water properly


 9.  Manually drain out remaining solvent from bottom of separator #1 by opening the yellow         handle valve again into a bucket until the separator is completely drained and                           empty.


 10. Recycle drained solvent from the separator by pouring it back into the machine, usually          through the still funnel. Do not open still funnel valve unless there is vacuum present              in the still!


 11. Make sure drain valve is fully closed


 12. Remove bottom sight glass on separator #1 and clean inside separator with the                        recommended anti-bacterial cleaner and wipe dry.


 13. Clean float sensor inside separator #1


 14. Clean both sight glasses


 15. Replace bottom sight glass and change the gasket if necessary then tighten nuts


 16. Press button #20 on


 17. Check for leaks.