Instructions on how to clean your still on an FMB Group dry cleaning machines...

How to clean out the still:


1. Press button open/lock on


2. Press button #44 (still open) on


3. Make sure sludge bucket is secure and press the sludge drain button (optional) to drain           out sludge into the bucket


 4. Use your special still door tool to open the still door only if the safety lock cover has                 slid back to the open positionand exposed the nut. Do not force open !


 5.  Rake out the still bottom and sides


 6.  Clean the still anti-foam sensor probes and the still safety float inside the still


 7.  Clean the still sight glass


 8.  Clean the inside of the still door and gasket surface, replace the gasket if necessary


 9.  Close and tighten door nut with your special still door tool


 10. Press button #44 off to lock still door


 11. Remove sludge bucket and dump still waste responsibly into sealed waste drum


 12. Press button #20 (still heat) on


 13. Check for leaks